Pension reform: decisive day at the National Assembly

This is the epilogue of a trying parliamentary battle. After new battles the day before, the debates on the pension reform end on Friday 17 February at midnight in the National Assembly. An update from Béatrice Gelot.
There are still thousands of amendments to be examined in the National Assembly, before the end of the debates on the pension reform, Friday 17 February at midnight. It is hard to imagine that Article 7, which concerns the retirement age of 64, will be debated. “This is the whole question and the whole issue of this decisive day. Here at the National Assembly, we are witnessing a game of lying poker, each accusing the other of obstructing the debate,” reports Beatrice Gelot, live from the National Assembly. The France insoumise, which withdrew, Friday morning, several hundred amendments, as well as the Nupes, “accuse the government of voluntarily dragging out its debates,” says the journalist.

The Senate will examine the text from March 2
“The government, through the voice of Gabriel Attal (Thursday evening), continues to fire at the France insoumise and its willingness not to withdraw all its amendments. It is therefore very unlikely, under these conditions, that the National Assembly reaches Article 7 by 23:59,” anticipates Beatrice Gelot. Also on the agenda is the motion of censure tabled by the Rassemblement National, by Marine Le Pen. “The text on pensions will then be sent as is, to the Senate, which will examine it from 2 March”, concludes the journalist.