Ukrainian President Zelensky Survives Multiple Assassination Attempts

Ukrainian President Zelensky Survives Multiple Assassination Attempts

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has exhibited unwavering resilience in the face of numerous assassination plots by Russia, comparing them to the ongoing battle against COVID-19. Zelensky revealed in an exclusive interview that Ukraine’s intelligence services have successfully thwarted at least “five or six” attempts on his life. Despite the constant threat, Zelensky emphasized Ukraine’s determination to defeat Russian aggression, dismissing any notion of a stalemate in morale.

The president acknowledged the weariness experienced by his people, who have endured relentless air raids, shelling, the destruction of their homes, and the loss of loved ones. However, Zelensky underscored that the Ukrainian population remains steadfast in its refusal to surrender to Russia or engage in compromise talks with Putin. They are willing to continue standing up and fighting.

Zelensky admitted that he has lost count of the number of assassination attempts since the Russian invasion began in 2022. The initial attempt was particularly intriguing for him, but subsequent attempts have become commonplace. Despite the constant threat, the president remains resolute and defiant.

During the invasion, Russian special forces parachuted into Kyiv with the intention of assassinating Zelensky. In response, the president’s office was transformed into a fortified stronghold, guarded by devoted bodyguards who took on the role of protecting their leader with makeshift barricades and rudimentary weaponry. Zelensky himself, along with his closest aides, was armed with rifles and body armor. The president’s office was described as chaotic, resembling a “madhouse.”

Amid fears that Kyiv would fall within hours, British and US officials offered to evacuate Zelensky from the capital. However, the president famously declined their offer, emphasizing his need for ammunition to continue the fight. He then defied the odds by recording a defiant selfie video outside the compound, proving to the world that he remained in Kyiv and inspiring the Ukrainian resistance.

Despite surviving these attempts on his life, Zelensky disclosed that Russia is still determined to remove him from power. He revealed that the latest mission, codenamed “Maidan 3,” aims to change the presidency through any means necessary. Zelensky ruled out holding elections and stated that it would be illegal and divisive given martial law and the ongoing war.

While progress on the battlefield has been slower than anticipated, Zelensky noted that Ukraine has achieved significant successes in the Black Sea region. Missile and drone strikes on Russian warships have forced Putin to withdraw his fleet eastwards, allowing Ukraine to establish a grain export corridor along the sea’s western shore. This development has reduced Russia’s influence over the Black Sea region.

Despite the weariness felt by the Ukrainian people, Zelensky stressed that they remain determined to seek justice rather than settling for an unjust peace. He believes that Putin and Russia have no intention of ending the war and that Ukraine must continue its fight for a fair resolution. The president made it clear that the weariness experienced by Ukrainians stems not from the difficulties on the battlefield, but from the desire for justice and the refusal to make diplomatic overtures to Russia.


Q: How many assassination attempts has Zelensky survived?
A: Zelensky has survived at least “five or six” assassination attempts.

Q: What was the name of the latest mission to oust Zelensky?
A: The latest mission to change the presidency was codenamed “Maidan 3.”

Q: Has Ukraine made any progress on the battlefield?
A: While progress on land has been slow, Ukraine has achieved successes in the Black Sea region.

– Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP