What Are 12 Soldiers Called?

What Are 12 Soldiers Called?

What Are 12 Soldiers Called?

In the world of military operations, there are various units and formations that serve different purposes. One such formation is a squad, which typically consists of a small group of soldiers working together towards a common objective. However, when it comes to a larger group of soldiers, specifically twelve, they are commonly referred to as a platoon.

A platoon is a fundamental unit within a military company or battalion. It is led by a platoon leader, usually a commissioned officer, who is responsible for the overall command and control of the group. The platoon leader is supported by a platoon sergeant, who assists in managing the day-to-day operations and ensuring the soldiers are well-prepared for their assigned tasks.

Platoons are often organized based on the type of unit they belong to, such as infantry, artillery, or armored units. Each platoon is further divided into smaller sub-units called squads, which typically consist of around eight to twelve soldiers. These squads are led by a non-commissioned officer, known as a squad leader, who is responsible for the direct supervision and guidance of the soldiers under their command.


Q: How many soldiers are in a platoon?
A: A platoon usually consists of around twelve to forty soldiers, depending on the military organization and the specific mission requirements.

Q: What is the role of a platoon leader?
A: The platoon leader is responsible for leading and managing the platoon, ensuring the successful execution of assigned missions, and maintaining the welfare and discipline of the soldiers under their command.

Q: How does a platoon operate?
A: A platoon operates as a cohesive unit, following the orders and instructions given by their platoon leader. They work together to accomplish specific objectives, such as conducting patrols, providing security, or engaging in combat operations.

Q: Are there different types of platoons?
A: Yes, there are various types of platoons based on the specific military branch and mission requirements. Some examples include infantry platoons, artillery platoons, and engineer platoons.

In conclusion, a group of twelve soldiers is commonly referred to as a platoon. These platoons play a crucial role in military operations, working together to achieve their assigned objectives. With their dedicated leaders and well-trained soldiers, platoons form the backbone of any military unit, ensuring the successful execution of missions on the ground.