New White House Response to Criticism of President Biden’s Stance on Israel

New White House Response to Criticism of President Biden’s Stance on Israel

The White House has issued a strong and direct response to recent criticism of President Biden’s support for Israel amid its conflict with Hamas. While some critics have given the president the nickname “Genocide Joe” to express their dissatisfaction with his policies, the White House remains firm in its commitment to Israel’s security.

The White House spokesperson, John Kirby, dismissed the significance of the nickname, stating that they are not concerned with nicknames and bumper stickers. He emphasized that the president’s focus is on supporting Israel in its fight against the terrorist group Hamas. Kirby clarified that the president values the First Amendment and free speech, even if it includes criticism.

Kirby went on to address the use of the word “genocide,” calling it inappropriate when used in a context unrelated to Hamas’s express goal of eradicating Jews. He highlighted that Hamas openly and explicitly seeks to wipe Israel off the map, as they have stated publicly on multiple occasions. He made it clear that Hamas’s intentions are rooted in genocide and that they have no plans to cease their attacks.

The White House spokesperson also acknowledged the civilian deaths in Gaza as a result of the military action, but clarified that Israel is not seeking the eradication of the Palestinian people. He stressed that Israel is defending itself against a genocidal terrorist threat and urged for the appropriate use of the term “genocide.”

Kirby’s response comes after a large-scale protest outside the White House, where tens of thousands of demonstrators called for a cease-fire in the conflict. However, the protesters failed to denounce Hamas for its deliberate targeting of civilians. Some protesters even criticized President Biden, demanding that he change his actions and anticipate strong opposition from Democrat voters in the next election.

In recent weeks, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a member of the far-left “Squad,” accused President Biden of being complicit in the deaths of Palestinian children through his support for Israel. Tlaib expressed her discontent with the president’s supposed silence on the issue, stating that an entire generation of children is being wiped out under his watch.

While the criticism continues to mount, the White House stands by its commitment to supporting Israel in its fight against terrorism. President Biden’s focus remains on ensuring the security of Israel and promoting stability in the region.