Ukrainian Cybersecurity Officials Dismissed Amidst Probe into Misused State Funds

Ukrainian Cybersecurity Officials Dismissed Amidst Probe into Misused State Funds

In a recent turn of events, two high-ranking cybersecurity officials in Ukraine have been dismissed amidst an investigation into the suspected embezzlement of state funds. Yurii Shchyhol, the head of Ukraine’s State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection (SSSCIP), resigned from his position early Monday morning. Shchyhol maintains his innocence and expresses confidence in proving it during an impartial investigation and through the court system.

Viktor Zhora, the deputy of SSSCIP, also resigned in the best interests of the organization. He regrets not being able to implement a national bug bounty program or establish a legal framework for a dedicated Ukrainian cyber force. Zhora aims to find ways to contribute to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the near future.

The dismissal of these officials coincides with an ongoing investigation into a software procurement scheme. Ukraine’s anti-corruption agencies are looking into allegations of embezzlement involving Shchyhol, Zhora, and four other unnamed suspects. Over the course of two years, it is alleged that these individuals misappropriated $1.72 million through the procurement of software for SSSCIP. The stolen funds were purportedly transferred to controlled overseas accounts to legitimize them and distribute them among the members of the group.

The SSSCIP, tasked with safeguarding state information resources and critical infrastructure, asserts that all purchases made since 2020 were in accordance with the law. The software under investigation was intended to protect Ukraine from cyber threats.

As part of the investigation, SSSCIP has provided relevant information to law enforcement authorities and emphasizes its commitment to transparency and zero tolerance for corruption. The agency urges against making unfounded accusations against specific officials until the investigation is concluded and the court provides a legal evaluation of the findings.

These recent dismissals reflect Ukraine’s increased efforts to combat corruption and align with Western alliances like the European Union. Over the past year, there have been several dismissals of high-ranking state officials involved in corruption scandals. These actions highlight the country’s commitment to rooting out corruption and promoting transparency in its governance.


1. What is the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection (SSSCIP)?
– SSSCIP is a Ukrainian agency responsible for safeguarding state information resources and critical infrastructure.

2. What is the ongoing investigation about?
– The investigation revolves around a software procurement scheme that allegedly involved embezzlement of state funds by high-ranking officials in SSSCIP.

3. Who else is implicated in the embezzlement probe?
– Apart from Yurii Shchyhol and Viktor Zhora, four other suspects are under investigation, although their identities have not been revealed.

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