Euronews Investigates Dispute Over Lachin Corridor in South Caucasus

Euronews Investigates Dispute Over Lachin Corridor in South Caucasus

A recent investigation by Euronews explores the ongoing claims and counter-claims surrounding aid blockades and gun running in the south Caucasus. At the center of this dispute lies a small mountain road known as the Lachin corridor.

According to Azerbaijan, this road is being used by Armenians to smuggle weapons and precious minerals. On the other hand, Armenia argues that the Lachin corridor is essential for humanitarian aid convoys, which Azerbaijan is allegedly blocking at a customs post established in April 2023.

The Lachin corridor serves as the only route for Armenia to access the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. Over the years, Armenia and Azerbaijan have engaged in two wars over this disputed region since the time of the Soviet era. The most recent conflict ended in 2020 with a Russian-brokered armistice.

In order to gather firsthand information on the situation, Euronews’ international correspondent, Anelise Borges, visited the Lachin corridor. During her visit, she spoke with residents living on both sides of the mountain track.

While the original article included a video report, we are unable to provide the video content. However, Euronews’ investigation sheds light on the contentious nature of the Lachin corridor and the impact it has on the ongoing dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Both countries hold firm in their positions, with Azerbaijan claiming the road facilitates illegal activities, and Armenia asserting that humanitarian aid is being unjustly blocked. These differing perspectives highlight the complexity of the situation and the need for further investigation and dialogue to resolve the issues surrounding the Lachin corridor.