The IDF Conducts Second Raid in Jenin Refugee Camp

The IDF Conducts Second Raid in Jenin Refugee Camp

The IDF entered the Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank for the second time this week after a two-month hiatus. They surrounded the house of a terror suspect and successfully arrested him without resistance. Gunfights occurred between the IDF and others in the refugee camp during the operation.

According to Palestinian reports, the arrested suspect was identified as Muhammad Nangia from the al-Aqsa Brigades. However, the IDF had not yet confirmed his identity.

On Monday, the IDF entered the refugee camp for the first time since their operation in July. The raid was not planned far in advance and did not take place during the usual overnight hours. Three Palestinians affiliated with Hamas were arrested during the operation.

One of the arrested individuals, Abdallah Hassan Muhammad Zubah, was responsible for several rocket attacks on Israelis from the West Bank. Capturing him was considered a major success for Israel as he had been involved in multiple attacks and terror fundraising.

During the July operation, IDF drones destroyed 20 targets, and IDF commandos, paratroopers, and other forces neutralized various other targets. The operation also uncovered a hidden cache of weapons under a mosque.

Initial estimates suggested there were 150 wanted suspects and approximately 300 potential combat fighters in the Jenin population of 49,000. Around 120 individuals were arrested, although not all were suspects.

The IDF still does not have a complete understanding of the whereabouts of many individuals on the wanted list.

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