Tamil Nadu Assembly Reasserts its Authority, Governor Receives Criticism

Tamil Nadu Assembly Reasserts its Authority, Governor Receives Criticism

In a show of defiance and solidarity, the Tamil Nadu House has convened a special sitting to re-adopt 10 bills that were previously returned by Governor RN Ravi. Despite opposition from AIADMK and a walkout by BJP, the bills covering various departments, including law, agriculture, and higher education, were unanimously passed once again and sent back to the governor for his assent.

The Chief Minister, M K Stalin, did not mince his words in criticizing the governor’s actions, stating that they amounted to withholding the bills due to his “whims and fancies.” Stalin accused the governor of trying to obstruct the government’s initiatives and suggested that non-BJP ruled states were being targeted through governors, presumably under the influence of the central government.

Stalin emphasized the importance of democracy and expressed concerns about the potential implications if a power could impede the legislative process. He stressed that if clarification is required, the governor should seek it from the government, as has been done in the past. Refusing to give assent to bills based on personal preferences undermines the will of the people and insults the state of Tamil Nadu, according to the Chief Minister.

The government has exhausted other avenues, approaching the President and Prime Minister to address the issues with the governor, but their efforts have yielded no results. Consequently, they have resorted to seeking legal intervention in the Supreme Court.

Stalin further accused the governor of harboring a disdain for the Dravidian ideology, equality, social justice, rational thinking, and self-respect that are deeply ingrained in the minds of the people of Tamil Nadu. Instead of facilitating the state’s progress and advocating for its interests at the center, the governor’s actions seem to revolve around creating obstacles for the government’s schemes.

Despite feeling unwell, Stalin deemed it necessary to address the matter promptly in the best interest of the people, Tamil Nadu, and the Assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why did the Tamil Nadu House re-adopt the bills?

A: The bills were returned by the governor, and the re-adoption was a demonstration of the Assembly’s authority and solidarity.

Q: What were the bills about?

A: The bills covered different areas, including law, agriculture, and higher education.

Q: Why did the Governor return the bills?

A: The governor’s reasons for returning the bills have not been explicitly stated.

Q: Is there a constitutional provision regarding the re-adoption of bills?

A: Yes, under the proviso to Article 200 of the Constitution, if the bills are passed again and presented to the governor for assent, he is obligated to give his assent.