Slovenia Faces Devastating Floods, Estimated Damage at $550 Million

Slovenia Faces Devastating Floods, Estimated Damage at $550 Million

Slovenia has experienced the worst natural disaster in its history, with devastating floods causing damage estimated at half a billion euros. The floods, which occurred on Thursday and Friday, resulted in the loss of three lives and extensive destruction to roads, bridges, and houses across the small Alpine country. Approximately two-thirds of the territory has been affected.

Prime Minister Robert Golob declared the floods as the largest natural disaster in Slovenia’s history. After a meeting of the country’s National Security Council, he stated that “luckily, last night was easier than the one before.”

Torrential rains on Friday caused rivers to rapidly swell, leading to overflow and flooding of houses, fields, and towns. According to Slovenia’s weather service, the region experienced a month’s worth of rain in less than a day. Climate change is believed to be a contributing factor to the extreme weather conditions.

The floods have had a severe impact on road and energy infrastructure, as well as hundreds of homes and buildings. Thousands of residents have been forced to evacuate, with many requiring rescue by helicopters or firefighters in boats. The Slovenian army has also joined the relief effort, reaching cut-off areas in the north to provide assistance.

Photos from the affected areas show entire villages submerged, outdoor camping sites destroyed, vehicles trapped in mud, and children’s toys scattered against fences. Major roads, including the main highway, remain partially closed due to the flooding, and numerous bridges have collapsed. Authorities have advised people to refrain from traveling until the extent of the damage is assessed.

In addition to Slovenia, neighboring Austria has also experienced flash floods, resulting in approximately 80 people temporarily evacuating their homes in the southern Carinthia province.