Devastating floods in Slovenia cause loss of life and extensive damage

Devastating floods in Slovenia cause loss of life and extensive damage

Devastating floods and severe weather conditions in Slovenia have led to the death of at least six people and caused significant property damage worth $500 million, according to a government spokesperson. The Prime Minister of Slovenia, Robert Golob, has declared the flooding as the worst natural disaster the country has ever experienced.

The floods resulted in the rise of rivers, leading to the overflow into fields and towns, resulting in the destruction of roads and infrastructure. The Slovenian Environmental agency confirmed that an entire month’s worth of rain fell in less than a day, causing incredible damage throughout the country.

Prime Minister Golob has visited the affected areas, emphasizing the need for assistance from the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and neighboring countries. The government has requested support for debris removal, engineering teams, provisional road transportability, temporary bridges, military helicopters for transport, and 200 soldiers to carry out protection, rescue, and assistance tasks.

The government has allocated over $10 million in humanitarian aid to help the affected residents through the Slovenian Red Cross and Caritas Slovenia. Golob has assured the public that the government will make every effort to ensure that the funds reach those in need and that no one will be left alone.

Croatia has already provided assistance by deploying a military helicopter to help secure a broken levee on the Mura River and reinforce its embankments. The Slovenian government continues to coordinate assistance through its Civil Protection and Disaster Relief administration and remains in contact with aid coordination centers in Brussels.