Russian Blockade of Ukrainian Ports Broken by Ship from Sierra Leone

Russian Blockade of Ukrainian Ports Broken by Ship from Sierra Leone

A ship registered in Sierra Leone successfully broke through Moscow’s blockade of Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea. The ship, named Ams1, departed from Israel’s port city of Ashdod and openly declared its destination. It crossed the Black Sea on a direct route, despite Russia’s threats that foreign ships sailing towards Ukrainian ports would be considered potential carriers of military cargo.

To ensure the security of vessels on this route, an American aircraft called P8 Poseidon provided assistance. The aircraft refueled in the skies of Romania. Additionally, a reconnaissance drone called Forte12 RQ-4 provided additional security information.

This breakthrough comes in the midst of escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Last week, Russia shelled Ukraine’s port of Reni, located near the border with Romania. Ukraine’s president strongly condemned these attacks, expressing concerns about the security of the Black Sea region.

In a separate development, Ukraine and Croatia reached an agreement to export Ukrainian grain through Croatian ports on the Danube and the Adriatic Sea. This agreement was announced by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba.

These events highlight the challenges Ukraine faces as it strives to maintain its maritime trade routes amidst Russian aggression. The cooperation with international partners, such as the United States and Croatia, is crucial in ensuring the flow of essential goods through Ukrainian ports.