Russian Soldier Hit by Ukrainian Anti-Tank Missile in Viral Video

Russian Soldier Hit by Ukrainian Anti-Tank Missile in Viral Video

Footage of a Russian soldier being targeted and hit by a Ukrainian anti-tank missile has gone viral online. The 21-second clip, shared by Twitter user Alex Bond, shows a missile moving towards a soldier running across a field before an explosion occurs. Bond, who identifies as a Ukrainian volunteer, commends the “high professionalism of the operator.” The video’s location and exact date are unknown, but it is dated May 24 of this year. Attempts have been made to reach the Russian defense ministry for comment.

The missile used in the attack is the Stugna-P, a Ukrainian anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system developed by the Luch Design Bureau. It has proven to be effective for Ukrainian forces since the start of Russia’s invasion in 2022. The Stugna-P weighs 200 pounds and has a longer range compared to the Javelin ATGMs supplied by the West. Its operator can semi-automatically guide the missile during flight.

Videos showcasing the success of the Stugna-P have surfaced, including one where Ukraine’s 36th Separate Marine Brigade uses the ATGM to destroy Russian ammo depots. Another video allegedly shows the Stugna-P demolishing four Russian tanks within three minutes. Each tank is valued at up to $3 million.

In addition to the Stugna-P, Ukraine’s armed forces have released video footage of a High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) being used in a strike that reportedly killed 200 Russian soldiers on a beach in the occupied Kherson region. The armed forces also posted a clip showing a missile strike at the Gvardeyskoye airfield, home to Russia’s 37th Air Regiment.

These videos demonstrate the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, highlighting the effectiveness of Ukrainian weaponry against Russian forces.