Russia’s Hidden Agenda: Destabilizing Europe and Threatening World Peace

Russia’s Hidden Agenda: Destabilizing Europe and Threatening World Peace

In a recent interview with The Sun, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed alarming plans by Russian special forces to overthrow Ukraine’s leadership by the end of the year. While Russia’s intentions may not include assassination this time, their desired outcome remains the same – a drastic change in government.

Dubbed “Maidan 3,” this covert operation aims to rewrite the history that unfolded a decade ago during the Maidan Uprising. Back in 2014, Ukrainians rallied against pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych, ultimately forcing him out of power. However, it seems history is on the verge of repeating itself, with Russia once again poised to manipulate the political landscape in Ukraine.

Zelensky disclosed that he has already survived multiple assassination attempts, the most notable one occurring at the start of Moscow’s full-scale invasion in February 2022. While he continues to take these threats seriously, the Ukrainian president remains resolute in his mission to protect his country and its sovereignty.

Despite Ukraine’s recent incremental gains, the ongoing war shows no signs of abating. Zelensky stresses the importance of unity among Ukraine and its allies, emphasizing the need for support on a global scale. Notably, he calls upon China to exert pressure on Russia, highlighting China’s lack of interest in aiding Moscow’s territorial ambitions. Zelensky believes that only through a combination of proactive measures from both China and the United States can the world prevent Russia from igniting another global conflict.

Furthermore, Zelensky unveils Russia’s broader agenda, which extends beyond Ukraine’s borders. He claims that Russia is actively undertaking undisclosed actions in the Balkans, training new operatives, and plotting new conflicts to destabilize Europe. If left unchecked, Zelensky warns that Russia’s aggression will not stop at Ukraine’s doorstep, potentially leading to the swift occupation of NATO countries like the Baltic states, Poland, and others.

The implications of such an outcome are dire, as it would undoubtedly prompt a significant response from Western nations. The world must recognize the severity of Russia’s intentions and remain vigilant against any further encroachment upon European stability and world peace.


  1. What is “Maidan 3”?
  2. “Maidan 3” is the codename for Russia’s alleged clandestine operation to overthrow Ukraine’s leadership by the end of the year.

  3. Has President Zelensky faced any assassination attempts?
  4. Yes, President Zelensky claims to have survived at least five or six assassination attempts, with the most memorable occurring during Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

  5. What is Russia’s hidden agenda?
  6. According to President Zelensky, Russia’s agenda involves destabilizing Europe by escalating conflicts and training operatives in the Balkans. They aim to extend their influence beyond Ukraine’s borders.

  7. What role does China play in the situation?
  8. President Zelensky believes that China can exert pressure on Russia due to their lack of interest in supporting Moscow’s occupation of Ukraine. He suggests that coordinated efforts from China and the United States are necessary to counter Russia’s aggressive behavior.

  9. What countries are at risk of Russian occupation?
  10. President Zelensky warns that if Russia succeeds in overpowering Ukraine, NATO countries, including the Baltic states, Poland, and others, could be swiftly occupied.

(Source: The Sun)