Mexico’s President Praises Biden for a New Approach to Immigration

Mexico’s President Praises Biden for a New Approach to Immigration

Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador expressed his admiration for President Biden’s approach to immigration during their meeting in San Francisco. Instead of focusing on building walls, President Biden is committed to addressing the root causes of migration and providing assistance to people in their countries of origin. This marks a departure from previous administrations and reflects a more compassionate and constructive approach to handling immigration issues.

In his remarks, President López Obrador highlighted the importance of supporting Mexican migrants living and working in the United States. He also mentioned the increasing number of American citizens who are choosing to move to Mexico, emphasizing the strong bond between the two neighboring countries.

The meeting between the two leaders also touched upon important areas of collaboration, such as combating arms trafficking, tackling organized crime, and addressing the opioid epidemic. President Biden emphasized the shared commitment to making progress in these areas, including the fight against the dangerous opioid fentanyl.

Recently, it was reported that the Biden administration approved contracts worth $950 million to repair and upgrade sections of the existing border wall in Arizona, California, and Texas. However, it is crucial to note that this investment is focused on repairing and enhancing existing infrastructure, rather than further expanding the wall.

The remediation work involves closing gaps, installing gates, and improving the roads and drainage systems along the border. Additionally, the contracts include the installation of cameras, roads, and detection technology to strengthen border security. Measures to prevent climbing on the wall in San Diego, IT support, and environmental planning are also part of the contract.

It is essential to understand that none of the approved funds were allocated for new wall construction. This decision aligns with President Biden’s commitment to taking a different approach to immigration and border security.

Overall, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s praise for President Biden signifies a new chapter in U.S.-Mexico relations when it comes to immigration. The focus on cooperation, assistance to origin countries, and a comprehensive approach to border security sets the stage for a more productive and humane approach to managing migration.


Q: Is President Biden building border walls?

A: No, President Biden is not building new border walls. Instead, his administration is focusing on repairing and enhancing existing border infrastructure.

Q: What is the purpose of the border wall repairs and upgrades?

A: The purpose of the repairs and upgrades is to improve border security and address issues such as gaps, gates, roads, drainage systems, and the installation of cameras and detection technology.

Q: Is any funding being allocated for new wall construction?

A: No, none of the approved funds are being allocated for new wall construction. The emphasis is on enhancing existing infrastructure rather than expanding the wall.

Q: What is the significance of Mexico’s President’s praise for President Biden?

A: Mexico’s President praising President Biden represents a shift in the U.S.-Mexico relationship regarding immigration. It highlights a more cooperative and comprehensive approach to addressing migration issues with a focus on assisting origin countries.