Israel’s Operation in Gaza: Unveiling the Hidden Network

Israel’s Operation in Gaza: Unveiling the Hidden Network

Israel conducted a strategic raid on Hamas terrorists’ opulent residences, as well as the parliament and police headquarters in Gaza City. The operation resulted in the Israeli Defense Forces assuming control of these sites, leading to the discovery of numerous weapons caches and the entrance to a complex network of tunnels beneath them.

Paratroopers and armored units from Israel descended upon the neighborhoods of Sheikh Ijlin and Rimal, both located in the heart of Gaza City. These areas have long been under the control of Hamas, the militant group that seized power in 2007. Despite extensive bombardment during the ongoing conflict, Israeli forces encountered resistance from Hamas operatives in Sheikh Ijlin and Rimal, eliminating them in the process. Additionally, the Israeli Defense Forces conducted targeted raids on the luxurious residences of known terrorists.

The IDF’s determined efforts unveiled a staggering 35 tunnel shafts leading to Hamas’ extensive 300-mile underground network. These passageways served as crucial arteries for the militants to carry out their activities. Alongside the tunnels, Israeli soldiers discovered caches of weapons, highlighting the organization’s readiness for prolonged warfare.

The operation was not limited to residential areas, as the IDF’s 7th Armored Brigade and Golani Infantry Brigade successfully seized control of significant Hamas strongholds. This included the capture of the parliament building, the government complex, and the police headquarters. These institutions formed the backbone of Hamas’ governance, enabling them to consolidate their authority in the region.

Furthermore, the IDF found a university faculty building that was allegedly employed by Hamas for the production and development of weapons. This revelation exposes the extent to which the terrorist organization has utilized educational institutions as centers for their nefarious activities. Additionally, a Hamas training base, command center, and detention facilities fell under Israeli control, illustrating the dismantling of the group’s infrastructure.

Hamas officials have remained conspicuously silent amidst the ongoing conflict in Sheikh Ijlin and Rimal. Communication blackouts have become increasingly common in Gaza, hindering the flow of information and stifling any official response from the militant group.

These recent assaults by the IDF represent a continuation of their efforts to eradicate Hamas in northern Gaza. The operation was prompted by an attack orchestrated by the terror group on October 7, which resulted in the deaths of over 1,200 people, primarily Israeli civilians. Since the outbreak of hostilities, more than 11,500 Palestinians have lost their lives, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned the airstrikes that targeted two schools in Gaza, causing extensive casualties among women and children. Guterres emphasized that hundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians are seeking refuge in UN facilities across Gaza due to the escalating violence. He reaffirmed the inviolability of these premises, stressing the urgent need to protect those seeking shelter.

Philippe Lazzarini, the head of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), expressed concern that UN shelters in Gaza should not be subjected to collateral damage in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. Lazzarini highlighted that the facilities struck by the airstrikes were clearly marked with the UN’s distinctive blue flag, underscoring the blatant disregard for the lives of civilians.


1. What did Israel uncover during the raid on Hamas in Gaza City?

Israel’s operation in Gaza City led to the discovery of numerous weapons caches and the entrance to a vast network of underground tunnels.

2. Which areas did the Israeli Defense Forces target?

The IDF targeted the neighborhoods of Sheikh Ijlin and Rimal in Gaza City, which have been under Hamas’ control since 2007.

3. What key locations did the IDF seize from Hamas?

Israeli forces successfully took control of Hamas’ parliament building, government complex, police headquarters, and other significant strongholds.

4. What did the IDF find in the university faculty building?

Israeli soldiers uncovered evidence suggesting that the university faculty building served as a production and development center for weapons used by Hamas.

5. How many casualties have occurred since the conflict started?

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, over 11,500 Palestinians have lost their lives since the outbreak of hostilities.

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