Israeli Forces Shoot Dead Three Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli Forces Shoot Dead Three Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli forces opened fire on a vehicle near the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, killing three passengers. The Israeli army alleged that the passengers were planning an attack. According to an army statement, the vehicle carrying a group of terrorists was on its way to carry out an attack when soldiers opened fire. The vehicle was hit with more than 100 bullets. Among the dead was Naif Abu Tsuik, a “leading military operative” from the Jenin refugee camp who was involved in military action against Israeli security forces.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commended the security forces and stated that Israel will continue to act against those who pose a threat to their lives. In response, Hamas Gaza spokesman Hazem Qasem declared that the deaths would not go unpunished and that the enemy will pay the price for its crimes.

The Palestinian health ministry confirmed the deaths in the attack south of Jenin. The Israeli army also found an M-16 assault weapon in the vehicle.

Jenin has witnessed numerous Israeli raids in recent months, many of which resulted in fatalities. In June, the largest Israeli raid on the camp in nearly 20 years took place, killing 12 Palestinians and displacing thousands from their homes.

The occupied West Bank has experienced a surge of violence over the past year and a half. Just a day before this incident, a Palestinian man from Jenin opened fire in central Tel Aviv, killing an Israeli police inspector before being shot dead. Earlier this week, a settler rampage in the occupied West Bank led to the death of a Palestinian, while Israeli soldiers shot and killed another young Palestinian during a pre-dawn raid.

With over 200 Palestinians killed this year in the occupied territories and Gaza Strip, officials warn that 2023 could become the deadliest year for Palestinians in the occupied territory.