Is Gaza Strip Becoming a Battleground?: Weapons Found in Unexpected Places

Is Gaza Strip Becoming a Battleground?: Weapons Found in Unexpected Places

The ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip has reached new areas in the northern sector, according to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). In recent raids conducted by the Duvdevan undercover unit, a significant amount of military equipment and weapons were discovered inside a high school. The IDF soldiers listed the seized equipment, which included two vests, an AK-47, seven magazines, 11 grenades, uniforms, a Loew bag, and other combat gear.

These raids were part of the IDF’s efforts to dismantle terrorist infrastructure and eliminate Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip. The Jerusalem Brigade’s reconnaissance unit, consisting of both regular and reserve soldiers, played a crucial role in identifying and neutralizing the terrorists responsible for firing rockets towards central Israel on Friday. The IDF executed an airstrike within an hour after the rockets were fired, successfully eliminating the terrorist cell.

Israeli fighter jets and helicopters have been targeting various sites throughout the Gaza Strip, including terrorists, terror infrastructure, operational headquarters, rocket launch sites, and weapons manufacturing labs. The IDF aims to cripple Hamas’s military capabilities and ensure the safety of Israeli citizens.

Amidst the escalating violence, there have been reports of an evacuation process taking place at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza. The Hamas-controlled Health Ministry claims that hundreds of people have left the hospital, leaving behind only 120 patients, including premature infants. It is alleged that bulldozers operating in the compound caused damage to the buildings, creating distressing conditions for those still present.


Q: What is the Duvdevan undercover unit?
A: The Duvdevan unit is an elite undercover unit of the IDF specializing in covert operations and counter-terrorism.

Q: What is Hamas?
A: Hamas is a Palestinian militant group and political party that governs the Gaza Strip.

Q: What is the Jerusalem Brigade?
A: The Jerusalem Brigade is a unit of the IDF responsible for operations in the Jerusalem and West Bank area.

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