New IDF Soldier from Atlanta tragically killed in Jerusalem Attack

New IDF Soldier from Atlanta tragically killed in Jerusalem Attack

An aspiring and courageous young soldier from Atlanta, Rose Lubin, was tragically killed in an attack in Jerusalem. Lubin, who graduated from Dunwoody High School, had immigrated to Israel and joined the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) a year and a half ago. She was assigned to duty as a police officer at the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem, a highly dangerous area.

During the attack, Lubin was targeted by a knife-wielding 16-year-old, who also injured another Israeli officer. In response, other IDF soldiers swiftly intervened, shooting and killing the attacker. Lubin’s great uncle, Rick Halpern, described her as a loving, vivacious, and caring person, known for her strength and toughness.

Lubin’s parents, David and Robin Lubin, are planning to travel to Israel for her funeral services, which are scheduled for Thursday. The loss of Lubin has deeply saddened the community, and expressions of condolences have poured in. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp took to social media to express his heartfelt condolences, acknowledging Lubin’s courage and commitment to fighting evil.

Amidst Lubin’s tragic passing, her achievements and character have been celebrated. At Dunwoody High School, she excelled in various fields, including wrestling, writing, and cheerleading. Her former teacher, Paul Siegel, praised her for always giving her best with humor and grace, whether on the wrestling mat or during her involvement in yearbook activities. Lubin’s athletic prowess also shone through, as she won first place in the district level of the Georgia Young Authors contest in 2018.

Gayle Hard, the cheer squad coach at Dunwoody High School, recalled Lubin’s determination and dedication when she decided to join the team. Despite having no previous experience in cheerleading or attending football games, Lubin sought special permission from her rabbi to participate in these activities, even on the Jewish Sabbath. She adhered to her beliefs, bringing her own kosher food for team meals and showing unwavering commitment to her faith.

The tragic news of Lubin’s death has deeply impacted her former teammates and the cheer squad alumni who remember her as a great kid, humble, and always prioritizing the well-being of the group. The loss of Lubin serves as a sad reminder of the sacrifices made by young soldiers who dedicate themselves to protecting others.


1. Who was Rose Lubin?
– Rose Lubin was an aspiring IDF soldier from Atlanta who tragically lost her life in an attack in Jerusalem.

2. How long had Lubin been serving in the IDF?
– Lubin joined the IDF about a year and a half ago.

3. Where was Lubin assigned to duty?
– Lubin was assigned to duty as a police officer at the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem.

4. How did Lubin pass away?
– Lubin was targeted in an attack by a knife-wielding 16-year-old. She was fatally injured during the incident.

5. How did Lubin’s former schoolmates remember her?
– Lubin’s former teacher and cheer squad coach praised her for her dedication, work ethic, and humble nature.

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