The Neglected Warnings along the Gaza Border: IDF Lookouts Pushed Aside

The Neglected Warnings along the Gaza Border: IDF Lookouts Pushed Aside

In a dramatic turn of events, IDF lookouts who had repeatedly expressed concerns about the escalating situation along the Gaza border months prior to the October 7 attack were not only disregarded but also threatened with court-martial, according to a recent report by N12. Despite their efforts to raise alarms, these watchful soldiers felt their pleas fell on deaf ears, pleading for action as they witnessed unusual training and increased activity near the border.

The IDF lookouts observed a surge in the number of people congregating near the fence, leaving them deeply troubled about the potential implications. However, their worries were met with dismissal and even punishment threats by their superiors. They were warned not to bother their commanders any further, with one lookout being directly told by a senior officer, “I don’t want to hear about this nonsense again. If you persist with such matters, you’ll face a court-martial.”

Moreover, N12 disclosed that these lookouts have been left without any psychological support from the army, exacerbating their burden. Recently, they were informed that they must resume their service within a fortnight or be reassigned elsewhere, leaving them grappling with the aftermath of the traumatic events they witnessed.

When approached for comment, the IDF assured N12 that all soldiers present during the October 7 incident are receiving close and sensitive support from medical professionals within the mental health system. The army emphasized its commitment to assisting these individuals throughout their recovery process and facilitating their gradual and sensitive return to duty, tailored to each soldier’s condition. The IDF further reassured that no disciplinary measures are intended to be taken against them. Any claims suggesting otherwise are contrary to the guidelines and will be addressed appropriately.

In the aftermath of the attack, multiple lookouts who served on the Gaza border came forward, providing accounts to the Israeli media. They revealed that they had persistently alerted their commanders about the anomalous activities along the border but were consistently overlooked. One lookout recalled how her concerns were “discounted” by her superiors, who dismissively claimed that “Hamas is just a bunch of punks, they won’t do anything.”

The lookouts vividly described their observations of numerous exercises conducted by the enemy, initially treating them as mere entertainment. Astonishingly, they likened their job to watching a television channel, only to be confronted with the harsh reality when a potentially devastating attack materialized.


  • What were the IDF lookouts warning about? – The IDF lookouts warned about unusual activities and increased personnel near the Gaza border, highlighting the potential security risks.
  • How did the IDF commanders respond to these warnings? – The commanders disregarded the warnings and even threatened the lookouts with court-martial.
  • What support are the lookouts receiving from the army? – The lookouts have not received psychological help from the army and have been instructed to return to service within two weeks or face reassignment.
  • What is the IDF’s stance on the matter? – The IDF asserts that all soldiers involved in the October 7 event are being closely supported by medical professionals. The army plans to facilitate a gradual and sensitive return to duty based on individual conditions.

By addressing the overlooked warnings along the Gaza border, this article aims to shed light on the crucial responsibility of military commanders to heed and prioritize the insights provided by their front-line personnel.