Israeli Report Disputes Hamas Planned Attack on Music Festival

Israeli Report Disputes Hamas Planned Attack on Music Festival

A recent Israeli police investigation into the tragic events at the Supernova festival challenges the initial narrative that Hamas fighters deliberately targeted the music festival. According to the report, obtained by Israel’s Channel 12, Palestinian fighters had originally intended to attack nearby locations, but they stumbled upon the festival by chance.

Contrary to previous claims, it appears that the Hamas militants did not have prior knowledge of the event. They learned about it through the use of drones and aerial surveillance as they infiltrated Israel. The festival, which took place on October 7, attracted approximately 4,400 attendees. According to Israeli authorities, Hamas breached the high-security barrier and proceeded to target military posts and villages in southern Israel, resulting in the deaths of around 1,200 people, mostly civilians.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz further delves into the investigation, noting that the assessment within the security establishment now suggests that the festival was not part of Hamas’ original plan. Maps of target locations were found on the bodies of Hamas members killed during the attack, but none of them pertained to the festival itself. It is also worth mentioning that instead of approaching from the border, the militants entered the festival grounds from a nearby highway.

The investigation reveals that the majority of festival-goers managed to escape the scene before the massacre began. Authorities made the decision to disperse the event just four minutes after the rocket attack, leading to the successful evacuation of many attendees. However, the report also mentions that during the chaotic response, an Israeli military helicopter fired on the assailants, inadvertently injuring some festival-goers. Unfortunately, no further details of this incident have been disclosed at this time.

In light of the revised findings, the total death toll from the attack has been adjusted to 364, including 17 police officers, previously reported as 270. Additionally, the number of kidnapped festival-goers has been confirmed to be 40.

Responses to the Hamas attacks have been swift and severe. Israel initiated a ground and air assault on the Gaza Strip, resulting in the deaths of over 12,000 Palestinians, including 5,000 children, according to Palestinian health authorities. The consequences of this military campaign are dire, as the blockade imposed by Israel has left the residents of Gaza struggling to meet basic needs such as food, water, fuel, and medical supplies, which are now incredibly scarce.


Q: Did the Israeli police report confirm that Hamas planned to attack the music festival?
A: No, according to the report, the police believe that the attack on the festival was not premeditated by Hamas. They stumbled upon the event after originally intending to target other locations.

Q: How did Hamas discover the music festival?
A: Hamas learned about the festival by using drones and conducting aerial surveillance as they infiltrated Israel.

Q: Did most of the festival-goers manage to escape before the Hamas attack?
A: Yes, the investigation found that the majority of attendees were able to leave the event after authorities decided to disperse the festival four minutes after the rocket attack.

Q: Were there any casualties caused by the Israeli military’s response to the Hamas attack?
A: The report mentioned that an Israeli military helicopter fired on the Hamas assailants but unintentionally injured some festival-goers as well. However, no further details regarding this incident were provided.