New Tactics Revealed: Hamas Captives Disclose the Use of Hospitals as Hideouts

New Tactics Revealed: Hamas Captives Disclose the Use of Hospitals as Hideouts

In a recent revelation, Hamas operatives captured by Israel have shed light on the terror group’s strategy of utilizing hospitals and innocent civilians as human shields during their attacks on Israeli forces. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released videos showcasing the testimonies of these captive terrorists, exposing their tactics of hiding weapons under mattresses and disguising themselves as medical professionals to avoid capture.

During the interrogations that took place after a ground operation on November 12th, it was discovered that a significant number of Hamas operatives, approximately a hundred, had taken control of Rantisi Hospital in Gaza, turning it into a base for launching attacks. The hospital premises were organized with tents, each group of 4-5 operatives having their own designated area. This facilitated their activities while ensuring their concealment from suspicion.

The operative, identified as Abdelrahaman Alaa Ibrahim Samur, acknowledged that the hospital provided a secure location where the terrorists could operate undetected. He emphasized how operating from within these medical facilities was more advantageous than from their own homes. This admission highlights the deliberate exploitation of hospitals by Hamas as a strategic choice.

Another captured Hamas fighter recounted his time inside the al-Shifa hospital, the largest hospital complex in Gaza, which served as a refuge for approximately 50,000 people. He revealed the anger of the doctors, who were furious to discover the presence of Hamas and other terrorist organization operatives within the hospital’s premises. The fighters had masqueraded as nursing staff, using this disguise to blend in with the hospital environment, even in critical care units.

Furthermore, a Hamas operative named Hamuda Riad Asad Shamalah disclosed his family’s three-week stay in the Red Crescent building in Gaza. He estimated that around 40,000 people sought shelter in the complex, with half of them located in the main building. Despite this, Hamas fighters continued their operations within the complex, taking advantage of the large number of people present to shield their activities.

Shamalah revealed the daily practice of hiding rockets and guns by wrapping them in mattresses. He also emphasized how the fear tactics employed by Hamas allowed them to act with impunity, with no one daring to confront them. The sheer presence of 40,000 people in the Red Crescent building served as an effective shield, preventing the IDF from targeting the location.

Although the authenticity of the video interviews and the accompanying captions cannot be independently verified, these testimonies reaffirm Israel’s longstanding claim that Hamas exploits hospitals to hide their activities and carry out operations. These revelations shed light on the challenges faced by Israeli forces when conducting military campaigns in and around hospitals, as they strive to root out Hamas operatives while minimizing harm to innocent civilians seeking genuine medical care.


Q: How did Hamas use hospitals to their advantage?

A: Hamas operatives strategically occupied hospitals, such as Rantisi Hospital and al-Shifa hospital, and used them as bases for launching attacks. They disguised themselves as medical staff, blending in with the hospital environment to evade detection.

Q: Why did Hamas choose to operate from hospitals?

A: Hospitals provided a secure place for Hamas operatives to carry out their activities without arousing suspicion. The large number of innocent civilians seeking refuge in hospitals served as human shields, deterring Israeli forces from conducting strikes.

Q: Did the hospitals’ medical staff know about Hamas’s presence?

A: According to the captured Hamas fighters, some medical staff in the hospitals were furious upon discovering the presence of Hamas operatives. However, it is unclear to what extent the medical staff were aware of their activities.

Q: How did Hamas hide their weapons?

A: The terrorists would conceal rockets and guns by wrapping them in mattresses, effectively camouflaging them within the hospital environment.

(Sources: IDF)