French Senator Facing Charges for Pharma-Assisted Sexual Assault

French Senator Facing Charges for Pharma-Assisted Sexual Assault

A shocking incident has rocked the French political landscape as a prominent senator is facing serious charges of drugging and assaulting a fellow lawmaker. The accused, Joël Guerriau, a member of the center-right Horizons party, was arrested after allegations emerged that he had spiked Sandrine Josso, a female lawmaker, with ecstasy in order to commit sexual assault.

The incident unfolded when Josso visited Guerriau’s Paris home and had a glass of champagne with him. Shortly after consuming the drink, she began feeling unwell. Josso recalled seeing Guerriau retrieve a small plastic bag containing a mysterious white substance from his kitchen drawer. This revelation, shared by her lawyer Julia Minkowski, indicates a terrifying act of premeditation.

Josso demonstrated incredible strength and resilience as she fought back against the assault, managing to escape the grasp of her attacker at the last moment. According to Minkowski, Josso was left deeply traumatized by the experience, in a state of profound shock.

Following the investigation, the Paris prosecutor’s office has preliminarily charged Guerriau with drugging a fellow lawmaker with the intention of rape or sexual assault. These preliminary charges indicate that there is significant evidence to suggest wrongdoing and allow for further investigation before a final decision on a trial is made.

Tests conducted on Josso found traces of ecstasy in her system, corroborating her claims and providing substantial evidence for her criminal complaint. The police subsequently searched Guerriau’s office and home, where they discovered ecstasy, further supporting the case against him.

The consequences of these alleged actions have already begun to materialize. Guerriau has been suspended from his party, the Horizons party, and faces indictment for drug possession. In addition, he has been placed under judicial supervision as the legal proceedings unfold.

Guerriau’s lawyer, Remi-Pierre Drai, has released a statement contesting the “obscene interpretations” that have emerged from initial media reports. Drai describes his client as an honest and respected man, vehemently denying any predatory intentions. Instead, he claims that the incident was a result of a “handling error” on Guerriau’s part, without providing further details on what exactly went wrong.

It is crucial to note that Guerriau and Josso were not involved in a romantic relationship. They had been friends for a decade, further highlighting the shocking nature of this alleged assault.

The French Parliament is reeling from this scandal, as it raises important questions about the safety of lawmakers and the extent of trust within political circles. Such incidents should serve as a wake-up call to implement stricter regulations and protective measures to ensure the well-being of individuals working in politics.


Q: What charges is Joël Guerriau facing?
A: Guerriau is facing preliminary charges of drugging a fellow lawmaker with the intention of rape or sexual assault.

Q: Did Sandrine Josso file a criminal complaint?
A: Yes, Josso filed a criminal complaint after tests revealed the presence of ecstasy in her system.

Q: Has Guerriau been suspended from his party?
A: Yes, Guerriau has been suspended from the Horizons party.

Q: How long has Guerriau served in the French Senate?
A: Guerriau has been a member of the French Senate since 2011.