Israeli Judicial Reform Protesters March in Tel Aviv

Israeli Judicial Reform Protesters March in Tel Aviv

Protesters advocating for judicial reform gathered in Tel Aviv on Wednesday evening to defend the judiciary and its gatekeepers. The march was organized by various protest groups and former judges.

The Israeli protest organization, Kaplan Force, issued a statement before the march expressing concerns about Prime Minister Netanyahu’s alleged attempts to undermine the High Court of Justice’s rulings. The group accused Netanyahu of trying to create a legal crisis and establish himself as a “criminal above the law.”

Describing the situation as total anarchy and comparing it to a Turkish dictatorship with a Hungarian flavor, Kaplan Force emphasized the need for immediate action. They called on the public to join the march to protect the independence of the judicial system and preserve democracy.

The march began at Independence Hall on Rothschild Blvd and proceeded to the Tel Aviv district courthouse on Weizman St. From there, the protesters continued their demonstration to the Kirya.

The statement from Kaplan Force concluded by urging everyone to participate in the march and emphasizing that the situation is reversible. They believed that with collective effort, Israel could return to the path of democracy.

Joining Kaplan Force in the Tel Aviv march were various protest groups representing Israeli students, hi-tech workers, doctors, attorneys, LGBT organizations, and more. Former ministers Tzipi Livni and Avi Nissenkorn, as well as the Israeli Bar Association head Amit Becher, also participated in the demonstration.