Retired Miner Visits Grave of Wife After Release from Prison

Retired Miner Visits Grave of Wife After Release from Prison

David Hunter, a retired miner, has visited the grave of his late wife, Janice, the day after being released from prison in Cyprus. Hunter was convicted of the manslaughter of his seriously ill wife in an assisted suicide and had been serving a two-year sentence. After spending 19 months awaiting trial, the 76-year-old was released.

Janice Hunter was buried near their home in Tremithousa, near Paphos, after her death in December 2021. However, due to his admission to the hospital following his own suicide attempt, Hunter had been unable to visit her grave until now. He was held in prison before being cleared of premeditated murder but found guilty of manslaughter.

Hunter, originally from Ashington in Northumberland, was allowed to walk free after 15 minutes of being sentenced at Paphos District Court due to time already served and good behavior. With the guidance of Michael Polak from Justice Abroad, his representative during the trial, Hunter located the grave. He knelt by the grave for approximately half an hour, carrying a bouquet of flowers.

The couple’s daughter, Lesley Cawthorne, expressed the belief that her father would stay in Cyprus to be close to Mrs. Hunter’s grave and properly say his goodbyes. During the trial, Hunter testified that his wife had pleaded with him to end her life as she was suffering from blood cancer. He maintained that he would never have taken her life unless expressly requested.

Hunter demonstrated to the court how he held his hands over his wife’s mouth and nose, fulfilling her wish after she became “hysterical.” Afterward, he attempted suicide through an overdose, but paramedics intervened in time to save him.