Court Orders Compensation in Defamation Case: Fresh Perspective on Netanyahu’s Son

Court Orders Compensation in Defamation Case: Fresh Perspective on Netanyahu’s Son

Israel’s legal system delivered a verdict on Wednesday, ruling that Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, must pay damages to a plaintiff, Dana Cassidy. The court determined that Yair Netanyahu had defamed Cassidy by insinuating she was romantically involved with his father’s political opponent, Benny Gantz.

In a social media post during a political campaign, Yair Netanyahu shared a screenshot of Cassidy’s Facebook profile with the caption, “Does anyone know who this is?” He further propagated his insinuation by reposting an article that featured a photo of Cassidy and Gantz hugging at a political event. Yair Netanyahu added the cryptic phrase, “to each his own cup of tea,” implying a connection between the two.

Judge Ronen Peleg, presiding over the case, emphasized the potential harm caused by Yair Netanyahu’s insinuations, stating that it could subject Cassidy to “hatred, contempt, or ridicule.” The court ruled in favor of Cassidy, ordering Yair Netanyahu to pay a compensation of over $34,000 and an additional $6,000 to cover legal costs.

Yair Netanyahu is no stranger to controversy, having been involved in defamation cases in the past due to his provocative posts on social media. In a separate incident earlier this year, he was ordered to pay $18,000 to a former lawmaker after he made derogatory remarks about her appearance.

This recent ruling highlights the importance of self-control, particularly for public figures like Yair Netanyahu, who holds an influential position as an informal advisor to his father. The court criticized Yair Netanyahu’s evasive and stammering manner during the proceedings.

Israeli media has previously reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, have implored their son to refrain from posting on social media. The ruling, however, did not garner a comment from the Prime Minister’s office.

Q: Who is Yair Netanyahu?
A: Yair Netanyahu is the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Q: What was the court ruling against Yair Netanyahu?
A: The court ruled that Yair Netanyahu must pay compensation to Dana Cassidy, who sued him for defamation after he insinuated she was having an affair with his father’s political opponent.

Q: How much compensation is Yair Netanyahu required to pay?
A: Yair Netanyahu has been ordered to pay over $34,000 in compensation and an additional $6,000 for legal costs.

– Israeli news outlets