President Biden Pledges Support for Hostages Amidst Hamas Attack

President Biden Pledges Support for Hostages Amidst Hamas Attack

In a solemn gathering at the White House, President Biden expressed his commitment to bring home U.S. hostages held by Hamas while mourning the devastating loss of lives in what he described as “the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust.” The Biden administration confirmed that 22 American citizens were among the victims, with 17 more still missing, some of whom are believed to be held captive by Hamas.

Although the exact number of hostages remains uncertain, White House spokesman John F. Kirby stated that it is “very small, less than a handful.” The plight of these Americans under Hamas’ control is a pressing concern for U.S. officials, highlighting the fact that the crisis in Israel has become an American issue. While the White House has refrained from ruling out potential intervention to rescue captives, they have predominantly deferred to Israel and sent hostage specialists to assist in efforts.

During a meeting with American Jewish leaders, which included Doug Emhoff, Vice President Kamala Harris’s husband, President Biden emphasized the administration’s comprehensive approach to resolving the hostage crisis. He assured the attendees, “We’re working on every aspect of the hostage crisis in Israel, including deploying experts to advise and assist with recovery efforts.” Despite not providing specific details, Biden conveyed his unwavering determination, stating, “I have not given up hope of bringing these folks home.”

The event underscored concerns about the growing prevalence of hate at home and abroad, with Mr. Emhoff’s focus on combating anti-Semitism evident. President Biden, who has previously expressed his alignment with Zionism, shared his personal connection to the tragedies faced by the Jewish community. Reflecting on a visit to Dachau concentration camp with his children and grandchildren, he denounced the recent attack as an act of “pure cruelty” against the Jewish people, boldly proclaiming it as the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust.

Biden’s remarks were met with applause, as he decried silence as a form of complicity and vowed to refuse to be silent himself. His authentic empathy, influenced by the tragedies endured by his own family, has always been one of his political strengths. In this moment, he eloquently articulated the overwhelming grief experienced by individuals across Israel, the United States, and the world as a whole.

The president’s somber tone during the event reflected the rising death toll from the Hamas attack, which had reached 1,200 at the time. As someone who has experienced profound personal loss, Biden empathized with the pain of those affected, offering solace and hope for healing. “I know a little bit of what it’s like to feel loss, lose people you adore,” he shared. “And what I’ve learned is that as we persevere, we can grow…the day will come when the memory of that person or those persons will bring a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eye.”

President Biden concluded his remarks, acknowledging the arduous journey towards healing and recovery, stating, “It will happen. It will happen. But God, it takes a long time sometimes.”


Q: How many American citizens were among the victims of the Hamas attack?

A: According to the Biden administration, at least 22 American citizens were among those who lost their lives.

Q: How many American hostages are still missing?

A: There are currently 17 American citizens who remain missing, believed to be held as hostages by Hamas.

Q: What actions has the U.S. taken to address the hostage crisis?

A: The U.S. has deployed hostage specialists to assist in recovery efforts and has expressed its commitment to resolving the crisis in Israel.

Q: How does President Biden connect with the grief of those affected?

A: President Biden shared his own experiences with loss and expressed empathy for those who are suffering, offering words of comfort and hope for eventual healing.