Article: Milei’s Opera Appearance Sparks Passionate Reactions Amid Argentina’s Political Divide

Article: Milei’s Opera Appearance Sparks Passionate Reactions Amid Argentina’s Political Divide

In a display of Argentina’s deep political polarization, right-wing presidential candidate Javier Milei found himself receiving both jeers and cheers during his attendance at the iconic Colón Theater in Buenos Aires. The theater, renowned for its world-class acoustics, was hosting a performance of “Madama Butterfly,” but Milei’s presence quickly became the center of attention.

As he sat in the front row with his girlfriend, some members of the audience began insulting Milei, calling him names and associating him with Argentina’s past military dictatorship. These confrontations were captured on videos shared on social media platforms. Milei has been known for downplaying the atrocities committed during the military rule, diverging from the established narrative and sparking controversy.

Adding to the divisive atmosphere, a few orchestra musicians deliberately played the “Peronist March,” associated with Milei’s opponent, Economy Minister Sergio Massa, who belongs to the political party affiliated with the anthem.

However, amidst the jeers, there were also those who applauded Milei and sought to take photos with him. Journalist Luis Novaresio, who was present at the theater, remarked on the unprecedented nature of the event and confirmed that Milei remained until the end of the opera, debunking rumors of him being asked to leave.

Milei, often compared to former U.S. President Donald Trump due to his unapologetic style, has positioned himself as a champion against political corruption in Argentina. He advocates for reducing the size of the state and tackling the country’s soaring inflation, which has reached triple digits under Massa’s supervision.

His unorthodox views have garnered passionate opposition from various sectors of society, with critics painting him as a threat to democracy. Massa has repeatedly warned voters that electing Milei would jeopardize public education, healthcare, consumer subsidies, and welfare programs. However, Milei vehemently denies these accusations.

Interestingly, both candidates entered a campaign blackout period, suspending their campaigning activities ahead of the upcoming runoff election. Milei’s appearance at the Colón Theater, whether intentional or coincidental, propelled him into the spotlight, with numerous attendees capturing and sharing the moment on social media.

In response to the opera performance, Milei took to social media to express his appreciation for the art form, posting, “What a beautiful work Madama Butterfly,” followed by laughter-indicating emoticons.


Q: Who is Javier Milei?

A: Javier Milei is a right-wing presidential candidate in Argentina known for his outspoken and controversial views on political corruption and economic policies.

Q: What is the Colón Theater?

A: The Colón Theater is an acclaimed opera house located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, renowned for its exceptional acoustics and world-class performances.

Q: What is the Peronist March?

A: The Peronist March, known as “Marcha Peronista” in Spanish, is a political anthem associated with the Peronist movement in Argentina, named after former president Juan Perón.

Q: When is the upcoming runoff election in Argentina?

A: The date of the runoff election is Sunday, but the specific date mentioned in the article is not provided.

Q: What are some of the controversies surrounding Milei’s views?

A: Milei has attracted controversy for downplaying Argentina’s military dictatorship and contradicting established human rights organizations’ claims about the number of victims. Additionally, his proposals to reduce the size of the state and rein in inflation have sparked passionate debates.